Privacy Policy

Creating an account on Pray Digital website, you give us permissions to occasionally email you about Islamic events and reminders. You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe button in the email.

We can guarantee you that your personal information is not shared by anyone, it is maintained in a secure database and we take backups regularly. You have an option to delete your account completely and that will remove your data from our database.

You also have an option to login with your Facebook account, if you prefer this way of authentication, we send you to Facebook page where you can login with your credentials and we receive information form Facebook and create your account in our database. Once you login we fakebook, we fetch your email address and name form Facebook and show you on the page before you create an account in our website, you can change your name if you wanted. We don't store your password or any other information when you login with Facebook account. You can disconnect Facebook authentication any time from your profile page.

We have invested years of time to collect Mosques and Musalla's information i different countries and we have plan to expand this data collection across different countries. At this stage we have Places al around Australia and New Zealand, few places from UK, Canada and USA. This website was originally made available to Australian and New Zealand users but due to growing popularity we have decided to include places from other countries as well.

We take your location from the browser when you visit the website and that helps us to show you closest places to you based on your location. Your location is not saved in our database and it is stored in browser only.

We use HTTPS certificate to secure communication when you login to our website and any information you enter including your username, password or email is passed back to the database in encrypted form.

If you have any question or suggestion related to our data handling, you can contact us by emailing at